Ways To Protect Your iPhone X

The truth of the matter is that it is quite expensive to repair a newly released Apple phone. If you have the iPhone X, then it is wise to protect it or minimize the risks as well as getting an affordable insurance. It is a terrible thing when a phone screen breaks, especially if you have spent more than $1,000 or more for that phone. This is because chances are that it will cost you more to repair it.

For example, it will cost you about $279 to replace a broken iPhone X screen at Apple. If this is the case, imagine what it will cost you to repair your phone if it fell in water? Chances are that it will cost you more than $300.
Well, spending $279 to replace a broken screen is cheaper than buying a new iPhone X phone, but not breaking your phone is cheaper. Below are few ways you can protect your phone.

1. Consider Investing In A Case
An iPhone case is an excellent way to protect your phone against physical damages and scratches. You should not consider just any case but a durable case. There is no doubt about it. It may look criminal to put a lovely phone like the Apple iPhone X in a case, but this is what you have to do to protect it against sudden burst of gravity. It is wise to consider something that is extra durable. Check out our favorite iPhone X case brand here: https://www.zizowireless.com/collections/iphone-x-cases/
There are many options to choose from and nearly any phone protective case is better than no case. All you have to do is choose one that has a raised front lip.

Apple iPhone X

2. Screen Protectors
The moment you buy a new phone; you will find that the screen has a plastic-like sheet on top of the screen. That plastic-like device is a screen protector. Even though the screen protector is not of high quality, it helps protect the phone against screen scratches and breakages. You can opt to install a high-quality screen protector.
There are many iPhone X compatible screen protectors. An example of a high-quality option is the Auke Karapax, which offers dual layer tempered glass. This will only cost you about $8.

3. Consider Insurance
Insurance is one of the best ways to protect your phone against theft, damage, and even repairs. The best thing is that All major phone Carriers offer iPhone insurance. The insurance offers or comes with few and different policies that will help you get the best option for you. The only limitation is that, if you do some calculation, you will find that they are a bit expensive.

Well, to get the best deal, it is wise to stick with AppleCare, even though they will ask you for $199 for an iPhone X AppleCare and policy. Through this service, you will get two years of protection, with two incidents of accidental damages.
You have the power to search for other cheaper and affordable options for you. Indeed, there are many options out there.
In summary, a wise man once said, “protection is better than cure”, and when it comes to an Apple iPhone X, it is wise to apply this principle. Find new and creative ways to protect your phone. Remember, phone protection does not only rely on physical protection, it also applies to security and theft.

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